Ultra-clean And High-purity Perchloric Acid PTFE Lining Tank

Jiangsu Ruineng has the largest dust-free workshop in the industry-- 100,000grade 3600m2, to ensure the quality of plastic welding and the service life of equipment.

Product Details

The PTFE storage tank is lined with fluorine materials such as PFA, PTFE(F4), ETFE(F40), ECTFE(F3), PVDF(F2), NEW-PTFE etc. PTFE lining storage tank with carbon steel and stainless steel housing. 

The advantage is that it can achieve the anti-corrosion effect while ensuring the overall strength of the storage tank:

PTFE tank lining material (tetrafluoro) Introduction: 

Molecular weight: 100.01, 

molecular formula: C2F4, 

relative density 1.519, 

critical temperature 33.3 ° C, 

The thickness is generally 3 mm, 5 mm, 4 mm, 4 mm.

Processing technology of PTFE: 

Board Lining( also known as Tight lining), Spray coating, Roller coating, Extruding and Molding etc. 

It can be processed on the inner surface of stainless steel, carbon steel and FRP, mainly based on non-standard storage tanks, atmospheric pressure storage tanks and pressure storage tanks.