Ultra-clean And High-purity Electronic-grade Sulphuric Acid Tank

All of the material we use are imported brand like Daikin,Dupont, Asahi, Solvay, Guarniflon etc

Product Details

Jiangsu Ruineng Anticorrosion Equipment Co., Ltd was established in 1994, As a leading anticorrosion equipment manufacturer of storage tanks and vessels, own the largest cleanroom in the industry in china-100,000 grade 3600 square meter dusty free workshop to meet the high end, ultra clean and high purity requirments.

We are in a good position not only supply you superior quality equipment, but also excellent after sales service. Our Japanese and Taiwan experts will offer you any technical support. 

The Performance of lining PTFE equipment:

1. The PTFE plate has high density and strong resistance to penetration.

2. Not limited by the size and shape of the device.

3. Both large and small can be used as lining, without any restrictions.

4. Large equipment that cannot be transported can be put on site for construction.

5. Partial damage can be repaired on site, and new technical indicators can be achieved after repair.

6. The processing cost is low and the effect is good.