High-purity Ammonium Hydroxide PTFE Lining Tank

Jiangsu Ruineng has the largest dust-free workshop in the industry-- 100,000grade 3600m2, to ensure the quality of plastic welding and the service life of equipment.

Product Details

Chemical Properties 

Insulation: independent of environment and frequency, the volume resistance can reach 1018 ohms / cm, the dielectric loss is small and the breakdown voltage is high. 

Working temperature:-190 ℃ 260 ℃. 

Self-lubricity: with the smallest friction coefficient in plastic, it is an ideal oil-free lubricating material. 

Surface nonstickiness: no known solid material adheres to the surface. It is a solid material with the least surface energy.   Atmospheric aging resistance, radiation resistance and low permeability: long-term exposure to the atmosphere, the surface and properties remain unchanged. 

Non-flammability: oxygen limit index is below 90. 

PTFE is widely used in high temperature resistant and high viscosity industries. One of the strongest superacids, fluoroantimonic acid, can also be used for preservation.