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Jiangsu Ruineng has the largest dust-free workshop in the industry-- 100,000grade 3600m2, to ensure the quality of plastic welding and the service life of equipment.

Product Details

Jiangsu Ruineng Anticorrosion Equipment Co., Ltd is a leading anticorrosion equipment manufacturer of storage tanks and vessels, own the largest cleanroom in the industry in china-10,000 grade 6000 square meter dusty free workshop to meet the high end, ultra clean and high purity requirments.

We are in a good position not only supply you superior quality equipment, but also excellent after sales service. Our Japanese and Taiwan experts will offer you any technical support. 

Main products

1. Tightly PTFE storage tank, PTFE ISO tank, PTFE reactor, PTFE kettle, tower section, etc.

2. Steel-lined PTFE pipes and pipe fittings.

Widely used in chemical, petroleum, fertilizer, electronics, new energy, metallurgy, electricity, pharmaceutical, seawater desalination, food and other industrial industries.

At present, the main processing equipments include Japan welding torch, imported electric spark detector, steam testing machine, hydraulic testing machine, clean workshop, lining PTFE, which can be constructed on site, not limited by equipment size equipment.