Steel Equipment Lined PTFE/PFA For Industrial Chemicals

Steel Equipment lined PTFE/PFA For Industrial Chemicals

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Steel Equipment lined PTFE/PFA For Industrial Chemicals

Anticorrosive storage tank is one of the common anticorrosive equipment, which can be used to store acid and alkali, alcohol, gas, liquid and other extracted corrosion materials, is an indispensable equipment in chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. Here are some attentions in the Construction of Storage Tank of anticorrosion equipment: 

Foundation construction of the tank bottom. The construction quality of the base of the tank bottom is the premise of ensuring the bottom plate of the tank from rapid corrosion. The welding quality problem is the main cause of the corrosion of the storage tank, and the construction quality must be strictly controlled from the start of the tank, so as to avoid the hidden danger in the use of the storage tank