PTFE/PFA Stir Equipment For Industrial Chemicals

PTFE/PFA stir equipment for Industrial chemicals

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application: make the material heat evenly

Rotary propeller agitator

It consists of 2 to 3 propelling propeller blades (Figure 2). The working speed is high. The peripheral speed of the outer edge of the blade propeller agitator is generally 5 to 15 m / s. The propeller type agitator mainly causes axial liquid flow and generates a large circulation volume, and is suitable for stirring low-viscosity (<2Pa · s) liquids, emulsions, and suspensions containing less than 10% solid particles. The rotating shaft of the agitator can also be inserted into the tank horizontally or obliquely. At this time, the circulation of the liquid flow is asymmetric, which can increase turbulence and prevent the liquid surface from sinking