PTFE/PFA Lined Anticorrosive Equipment

PTFE/PFA Lined Anticorrosive Equipment

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Lined Anticorrosive Equipment

During the sales process, large steel-lined PTFE equipment such as dilute hydrochloric acid storage tanks have been welcomed by many customers, which is inseparable from the advantages of steel-lined PTFE equipment. Steel-lined PTFE equipment is not limited by its own shape. No matter which structure can be seamlessly formed at one time, the materials selected can be determined according to the temperature of the medium and the working condition. RANA will share how to make material comparison to let everyone know the characteristics of the fluorine-lined equipment.

       1. Compared with lining rubber and lining plastic: lining fluorine has better chemical resistance medium, higher temperature resistance and better adhesion to the substrate;

       2. Compared with spraying: lining fluorine has better wear resistance, higher temperature resistance, and the construction site is not restricted;

       3. Compared with enamel and titanium materials: lining fluorine has more toughness and chemical resistance. Steel-lined PTFE materials have strong mutual melting and extensibility, so rapid heating and cooling have no effect on the coating.