PTFE/PFA Anticorrosion Equipment For Industrial Chemicals

PTFE/PFA Anticorrosion equipment For Industrial Chemicals

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PTFE/PFA Anticorrosion equipment For Industrial Chemicals


Chemical industry: reaction tank, reactor, tank, heat exchanger, stirring rod, environmental engineering waste gas treatment equipment, pipe fittings, valves, pumps. 

Textile industry: sizing roller, dyeing and finishing roller, non-woven cloth roller. 

Electronic industry: semiconductor factory acid fire resistant exhaust flue, printed circuit board, electroplating hangers. 

Food industry: baking utensils, baking plates, molds, all kinds of food processing machinery and parts. 

Electronic electroplating industry: anticorrosion (hanging rack for printed circuit, fixture, etc.) Semiconductor industry-anticorrosion, flame retardant (acid exhaust duct and its parts). Products can be made according to the different needs of customers.