Ultrahigh-Purity Teflon Heat Transfer Tube Series

Ultrahigh-Purity Teflon Heat Transfer Tube Series
Product Details

Teflon heat transfer tube series
Product appearance: the surface is smooth, uniform size, colour and lustre is light, no cracking and hair.
Product features: high chemical stability, strong acid, strong alkali, oxidant, oxide and aqua regia solution for medium and long-term use safe; And the ability of hydrofluoric acid concentration 0-100% boiling. Intact to ensure the potions and additive pure and heater itself is not easy to burn, long service life, fully sealed, no corrosion, no leakage and so on a series of excellent performance.

Professional as one of the leading PTFE equipment manufacturers and suppliers in China, we now bring you a large selection of ultrahigh-purity teflon heat transfer tube series from our professional factory. Welcome to buy or wholesale the famous brands' equipment with us, and the customized product is also available.