New Type High Performance Silicon Carbide Heat Exchanger

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Silicon carbide (SiC) is made from quartz sand, petroleum coke (or coal coke), sawdust (added salt when producing green silicon carbide) and other raw materials, which are smelted by resistance furnace at high temperature. Silicon carbide also has rare minerals in nature, Mozambique. Silicon carbide is also known as carbonaceous silica.


Silicon carbide is hexagonal crystal, the specific gravity is 3.20-3.25, the microhardness is 2840 -3320 kg/mm2, the hardness is high and the weight is light.


The chemical properties of silicon carbide are stable, the thermal conductivity is high, the thermal expansion coefficient is small, the equipment is light weight and high strength, and the energy saving effect is good.


Silicon carbide has electrical conductivity and does not accumulate static electricity.

Urgent demand for High-performance Heat Exchanger in Industrial Field


1.       The high thermal conductivity

The thermal conductivity is much higher than that of other corrosion resistant materials.

Use less heat transfer area at the same heat transfer efficiency.

Allowing smaller heat exchanger sizes.

Greatly reduce the footprint and reduce the cost of use.


The thermal conductivity is 2 times higher than that of graphite, 4 times that of stainless steel, 5 times that of zirconium and titanium, and 700 times that of tetrafluoride.

2.       Outstanding corrosion resistance

The only ceramic material with high corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance and erosion resistance can resist high concentration of sulfuric acid, nitric acid, phosphate acid, mixed acid, strong alkali, oxidizer, etc., which has excellent service life.


3.       Excellent thermal& mechanical properties

It has high strength, high hardness, excellent scour resistance and thermal shock resistance, under extreme high temperature and high pressure conditions, still has super wear resistance and permeability resistance to allow the medium to pass through at high speed and can be used at high temperatures of 1300 ℃.


4.      Healthy, safe and environmentally friendly

Will not effect the medium even in the environment of strong corrosion.

Can meet the stringent standards of the pharmaceutical and food industries.