Immersion Graphite Heat Exchanger

Immersion Graphite Heat Exchanger
Product Details

Graphite heat exchanger
Structure and features:
All equipment graphite of the phenolic resin impregnated and it has a liquid distributor, the overflow pipe and absorb the basic heat transfer piece, gas-liquid separator, metal shell, etc. Between the graphite using ptfe seal o-rings, has high structural strength, not easy to damage, can absorb a certain amount of heat and water hammer shock impact and long service life; Parts adopt modular piled up, and therefore easy to repair, And have round block other advantages; Expansion and contraction due to gas exists in the process of absorption and the redistribution of the liquid, the absorption efficiency is higher, therefore absorption column length shorter than tube.
Applicable to the HCL, SO2 and NH3, P2O5 deep gas can absorb.
Technical features:
Temperature: - 30 ~ 1900 c, the use of pressure: longitudinal transverse < < 0.1 MPa to 0.4 MPa

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