‎Wholesale High Quality Skid Spraying Equipment

‎Wholesale High Quality Skid Spraying Equipment
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ETFE fluorine plastics, which are made by DuPont Co., Ltd. and Asahi Glass Co., Ltd at present, are mainly applied to anticorrosion liners, has the corrosion resistance of polytetrafluoroethylene which is called Plastic King and a peculiar high property of adhesion to metal, and overcomes the defect that F4 does not adhere to metal. The average linear expansion coefficient of the material is 1.49X10/100 which is approximate to the linear expansion coefficient of carbon steel to ensure that the material can achieve the effect of thermal expansion and contraction synchronized with carbon steel, so that the material become an ideal material compounded with metal. Due to the application of the optimized composite technology to anticorrosive equipment, extremely high negative pressure resistance of anticorrosive equipment is displayed at the same time.

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