Professional Manufacturer PFA and MFA Spraying Equipment HRN-PT F30

Professional Manufacturer PFA and MFA Spraying Equipment HRN-PT F30
Product Details

HRN-PT F30 spraying equipment
Process description:
Spray coating technology has been used in domestic for many years. Before spray coating,sabdblasting the equipment to SA2 level,spray a layer of special primer,then electricize the fluorine plastic powder with high voltage static,to make sure it can distributed on the inner wall of the equipment uniformly,after high temperature baking,plastic particles will melt and covering the inner wall of the equipment. In generally,spray coating thickness is 3mm.
Spray coating material:
PEFE ECTFE PFA FEP PVDF ETFE,Spray coating has the following characteristic.

1.there is a strong binding force between the coating and metal,it couldn’t blister because of lack of binding,this advantage will be more prominent in the frequent changesin temperature conditions.

2.Overcome the limitations of traditional craft.

3.Well corrosion resistance.

4.Well cleanliness,it have a great advantage in polysilicon industry、Electroplating industry etc.

5.Non-toxic. It has been widely used in food industry、pharmaceutical industry etc.

6.Spraying equipment should be avoid be impacted,and it should be cautious to use in quicksand medium.

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