Professional Manufacturer Flame Spraying Equipment F30

Professional Manufacturer Flame Spraying Equipment F30
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F30 spraying equipment
ECTFE resin are three fluorine ethylene and vinyl chloride 1:1 alternating copolymer, melting point is 464 f, density of 1.68 g/cc (g/cm3).
This material from low temperature to the performance of the 330 t is good, its strength, wear resistance, creep resistance and much higher than the PTEE, FEP, PFA. It at room temperature and high temperature resistance to most corrosive chemicals, and organic solvents. Its low dielectric constant (2.6), in a wide temperature and frequency range, stable performance. ECTFE doesn't work, can prevent spread of flame, when exposed to flame, will be broken down into hard carbon.
ECTFE can be made for molding and extrusion are specially used for rotational molding, fluidized bed coating, electrostatic coating powder products. Can be used in the conventional extrusion equipment chemical foaming method processed into foam products, don't apply to the field of computer wire. Semi-finished products have film, plate, pipe and single fiber. Ausimont USA company sales ECTFE product brand for Halar.
The most important application in the field of wire and cable, is used for booster cable, public transportation vehicle cable. Fire cable, anodic protection cable. Injection molding products are tower packing, ask and pump parts, connector, wire clip, filter casing. ECTFE tube with optical fiber casing, the support of the application of pipe, steel pipe and reinforced plastic pipe lining.
ECTFE coatings and can prevent the erosion of metals by environment in village. The application of membrane rational battery and isolation of applications. The application of single fiber with oil mist elimination, knitting casing, filter fabric. Wide (48) in the village of glass fiber for back ECTFE sheet, can be used as a high resistance to chemicals and strength requirements of tank lining

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