Industrial Electrostatic Fluorine Plastic Electrostatic Spraying Equipment

Fluorine plastic electrostatic spraying equipment This technology has been widely used in chemical industry, pulp and paper industry, food industry and semiconductor industry, the company has formed a series of products, mainly include: electrostatic spraying fluoropolymer coatings products,...

Product Details

ECTFE resin is an alternating copolymer of ethylene and chlorotrifluoroethylene 1:1, melting point is 464 F, density is 1.68g/cc (g / cm3). The properties of this material from low temperature to 330 T are good. Its strength, wear resistance and creep resistance are much higher than those of PTEE,FEP and PFA. It resists most corrosive chemicals and organic solvents at room and high temperatures. Its dielectric constant (2. 6) is low and stable in a wide range of temperature and frequency. ECTFE does not catch fire, which prevents flame spread and decomposes into hard carbon when exposed in flame.


ECTFE can be used for molding and extrusion of granular materials and for rotary molding, fluidized bed coating, electrostatic coating powder products. Can be used in the traditional extrusion equipment chemical foaming process into foam products, suitable for the field of computer wires. Semi-finished products have membrane, plate, tube and single fiber. Ausimont USA sells ECTFE products under the name Halar.

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