Automatic Fluorine Plastic Electrostatic Spraying Equipment

Automatic Fluorine Plastic Electrostatic Spraying Equipment
Product Details

Fluorine spraying equipment
This technology has been widely used in chemical industry, pulp and paper industry, food industry and semiconductor industry, the company has formed a series of products, mainly include: electrostatic spraying fluoropolymer coatings products, PTFE (PTFE, F4) lining products, PVDF (polyvinylidene fluoride, F2) equipment, FEP (F46, FEP) products.
Process description:
Spray coating technology has been used in domestic for many years. Before spray coating,sabdblasting the equipment to SA2 level,spray a layer of special primer,then electricize the fluorine plastic powder with high voltage static,to make sure it can distributed on the inner wall of the equipment uniformly,after high temperature baking,plastic particles will melt and covering the inner wall of the equipment. In generally,spray coating thickness is 3mm.

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