Waste Acid Synthesis Recovery Systems Tank Equipment

Waste Acid Synthesis Recovery Systems Tank Equipment
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Waste acid synthesis tank
Plastic-lining equipment of our company adopts advanced hot-rotating processes and imported high-performance raw materials, and plastics and steel substrates are combined in a hot melting mode by selecting a reasonable formula and the optimal liner thickness according to different operating requirements of users. The equipment has the characteristics of integration of steel and plastics, high binding force, capability of synchronous expansion and shrinkage and difficulty in delamination, and a liner layer has the characteristics of no lapped seam, no bubble, no pinhole, high impact strength resistance, high permeating resistance, smooth and bright surfaces which are similar to those of enamel, small friction coefficient, difficulty in scaling, etc. Equipment, pipelines and pipe fittings in any structural shape can be machined. Plastics which are mainly used at present comprise ETFE (F-40) and PO.
Our PTFE,PFA panels is imported from the Eurpean Union,it has glossy surface and uniform thickness,Width of 1.2meters,length of 25meters.Compared with the traditional panels,it can reduce welding cracks.

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