Supply Teflon Coated Steel Tank For Storing Electronics Grade Ammonia

Supply teflon Coated steel tank For Storing Electronics Grade Ammonia

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Supply teflon Coated steel tank For Storing Electronics Grade Ammonia 

What are the factors of the price of steel lined PTFE storage tanks

When choosing steel-lined PTFE storage tanks, many people are pursuing the same quality and price, cheap and nice. But most of time many people can't distinguish the quality problem, and face the situation of large price difference, then what are the price factors of steel lined PTFE storage tanks?

Steel-lined PTFE storage tanks are composed of a main housing and an inner lining anticorrosive layer. Most of the main housing are seamless steel pipes. The inner lining anticorrosive layer is a high temperature, high pressure and corrosion-resistant PTFE material. The price of a steel-lined PTFE storage tank is the price of the housing plus the price of the lining anticorrosive coating.