Stainless Steel Hopper For Easy Drug Pharmaceutical Mixing Storage Tanks

Stainless Steel Hopper For Easy Drug Pharmaceutical Mixing Storage Tanks
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The roller-coating process, which is widely applied at home and abroad currently, is not influenced by the shape of equipment, and can make a complex structure molded seamlessly at a time. The selected materials can be determined according to medium temperatures and usage, putting & operating conditions. At present, roller-coating equipment of our company can produce anticorrosive equipment and pipe fittings of which the diameter is less than 4.5m and the length is less than 6m.
Plastic-lining equipment of our company adopts advanced hot-rotating processes and imported high-performance raw materials, and plastics and steel substrates are combined in a hot melting mode by selecting a reasonable formula and the optimal liner thickness according to different operating requirements of users. The equipment has the characteristics of integration of steel and plastics, high binding force, capability of synchronous expansion and shrinkage and difficulty in delamination, and a liner layer has the characteristics of no lapped seam, no bubble, no pinhole, high impact strength resistance, high permeating resistance, smooth and bright surfaces which are similar to those of enamel, small friction coefficient, difficulty in scaling, etc. Equipment, pipelines and pipe fittings in any structural shape can be machined.

Professional as one of the leading PTFE equipment manufacturers and suppliers in China, we now bring you a large selection of stainless steel hopper for easy drug pharmaceutical mixing storage tanks from our professional factory. Welcome to buy or wholesale the famous brands' equipment with us, and the customized product is also available.