Neutralizer With 3mm PTFE Lining

Neutralizer with 3mm PTFE Lining

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Neutralizer with 3mm PTFE Lining


Safety inspection work for storage tank has been used for a period of time:

The main contents of internal and external inspection 

1) all items of external inspection. 

2) there are some phenomena such as dielectric corrosion or scour wear on the inner and outer surface of the tank and at the open connection. 

3) whether there are cracks or cracks in all welds, head transition zones and other stress concentration parts of the tank. 

4) when there is corrosion on the inside and outside surface of the tank, the wall thickness of the suspected part should be measured. If the measured wall thickness is less than the designed minimum wall thickness, the strength should be re-checked, and some suggestions on whether the maximum working pressure can be continued and allowed should be put forward. 

5) metallographic examination and surface hardness measurement should be carried out when there are decarbonization, stress corrosion, intergranular corrosion and fatigue crack in the inner wall of the tank, and the inspection report should be put forward.