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Product Details

The Teflon storage tank is lined with fluorine materials such as PFA, PTFE(F4), ETFE(F40), ECTFE(F3),PVDF(F2), NEW-PTFE etc. 

PTFE lining storage tank housing materials :carbon steel, stainless steel and FRP.

The advantage is that it can achieve the anti-corrosion effect while ensuring the overall strength of the storage tank.

PTFE tank lining material (tetrafluoro) Introduction: 

Molecular weight: 100.01,

Simple structure: CF2=CF2,  

Molecular formula: C2F4, 

Relative density 1.519, 

Critical temperature 33.3 ° C,

boiling point -76.3 ° C, 

 The thickness is generally 3 mm, 5 mm, 4 mm, 4 mm.

Processing technology of PTFE: Board lining (tight lining), Roller coating, Spray coating, Extruding, Molding etc.

 It can be processed on the inner surface of stainless steel, carbon steel and FRP, mainly based on non-standard storage tanks, atmospheric pressure storage tanks and pressure storage tanks.