HF Measuring Tank With PTFE Lining

HF Measuring Tank with PTFE Lining

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HF Measuring Tank with PTFE Lining

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Anticorrosive storage tank is one of the common anticorrosive equipment, which can be used to store acid and alkali, alcohol, gas, liquid and other extracted corrosion materials, is an indispensable equipment in chemical, food, pharmaceutical and other industries. Here are some attentions in the Construction of Storage Tank of anticorrosion equipment: 

After many tanks have been used for a period of time, the edge of the tank foundation is higher than that of the bottom plate of the tank foundation, so that the edge plate is easy to store water and corrosion. Because the conventional thermal insulation material is prone to siphon phenomenon, resulting in corrosion of the lower part of the panel. Therefore, this factor should be taken into account in the construction to avoid water accumulation on the surface of the edge plate.