H2SO4 Measuring Tank With PFA Lining

H2SO4 Measuring Tank with PFA Lining

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H2SO4 Measuring Tank with PFA Lining

Steel-lined PTFE storage tanks are often stored in chemical substances such as acid, alkali, alcohol, gas, liquid, etc., and their anti-corrosion quality should meet the following requirements:

        1. Steel-lined PTFE storage tanks should have high adhesion;

        2. The tank coating should be smooth, uniform color, no bubbles, shrinkage, wrinkles and cracking;

        3. The steel structure after surface treatment shall comply with relevant regulations, and it shall be re-rusted when it fails;

        4. The thickness of the anti-corrosion layer of the storage tank should meet the relevant standards, and should not be less than the design thickness. If it is unqualified, a paint should be repainted.