Aluminum Mobile Folding Scaffold F40 Tower Manufacturer

Aluminum Mobile Folding Scaffold F40 Tower Manufacturer
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Process description:
Fluorine plastic and metal composite technology is DuPont’s R&d results,this is a new technology. Using reasonable formula and the best thickness to sinter the plastic and carbon steel together. It’s characteristic is the plastic can combined with carbon steel effectively,can be synchronized expansion coefficient,don’t need to welding,without air bubbles,well permeability resistance,small coefficient of friction etc.
Roll Coating Material:

1.ETFE(F40):Copolymers of tetrafluorethylene and ethylene. It’s derived from the DuPont and Asahi Glass,mainly used in anti-corrosion lining.

2.This material not only has the corrosion resistance of tetrafluoroethylene,but also has the strong adhesion properties of metal-specific. Its average expansion coefficient is 1.49×4/℃,close to the coefficient of expansion of carbon steel. These features make ETFE become the best compound material.

3.This composite technology used in anti-corrosion equipment,it fully demonstrated this technology device has good resistance to negative pressure capability. If welding a steel mesh inside the equipment,its negative pressure resistance numeric can reach to -0.05Mpa.

4.Long-term practice has proved that if FRP is not allowed in the working conditions,F40 roll coating will be the best material in high medium temperature.

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