‎Wholesale High Quality Large Diameter Seamless Steel Pipe

‎Wholesale High Quality Large Diameter Seamless Steel Pipe
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Large diameter pipe
F4 lining powder moulding method is a kind of body, such as pressure, such as isothermal manufacturing technology, through the extruded tube (loose lining, lining) of PTFE, PTFE belt winding and winding plus steel wire, and steel net within process of evolution, the F4 lining powder compression molding technology is by far the F4 lining the latest fifth-generation products, can be at a higher pressure, high temperature, strong corrosion under the conditions of use, the temperature below 200 ℃ and vacuum is 0.096 MPa, Quenching heat or alternating operation, won't make the teflon falls off, the drum, expansion deformation of flat at the grass-roots level, thereby the fluorine steel body. Technology innovation, greatly improve the deficiencies in the process of the past, is my company's main products and ptfe lining pipe fittings and equipment market leading technology.

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