Molded Eccentric Head Size Shaped Elbow

Molded Eccentric Head Size Shaped Elbow
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Shaped elbow - Molded eccentric head size
Melt molding lining (PFA/FEP) : make a special mold, heat the lining materials and artifacts together, make the lining material melt, again to the external force, make the lining layer coated on the surface of the liner. Is suitable for the production of various kinds of valve and piping components.
Product performance and specifications:
1) the next forming molten state, small internal stress, no welded seam.
2) lining thicker, up to 3 ~ 8 mm, resistant to a certain temperature under negative pressure.
3) suitable for small batch production complex workpiece, high dimensional accuracy, good surface quality.
4) can be used in the industry with ultra-pure requirements.
5) good resistance to permeability.
6) use the temperature: - 100 ~ 230 ℃ the lining (PFA), 100 ~ 200 ℃ lining (FEP).
7) size specifications: DN25 ~ 500 mm.
8) using pressure: 0.09 ~ + 1.6 Mpa
PTFE push (squeeze) pressure pipe line straight tube
Manufacturing process: first, using imported PTFE, PFA, FEP, PVDF powder, push (squeeze) pressure into the pipe, then it forcibly dragged into the seamless steel tube (slightly bigger than the steel liner tube diameter 1.5 2 mm diameter), forming no clearance lining. , in order to eliminate stress, put it in a furnace, heating temperature 230 ℃, make it adapt to used in the temperature under 230 ℃. At the same time push (squeeze) pressure tube of the axial tensile strength is better than coil tube obviously. This pipe is ideal of positive and negative pressure resistance ability.

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