Distillation Tower With Lining PTFE Panel

Distillation Tower With Lining PTFE Panel

Product Details

Steel-lined tetrafluorosulfate tower, steel-lined PTFE absorption tower, steel-lined PTFE desulfurization tower, The tower has the following structural forms: 

The absorption tower is a device for realizing the absorption operation, and is divided into three types according to the gas-liquid phase contact form:

the first type is a plate tower in which a gas is dispersed in a liquid phase in a bubble form, a bubble absorption tower, and a stirring bubble column. 

The second type is a liquid sprayed in a liquid phase in the form of droplets, a spray tower.

The third type is a packed absorption tower and a falling film absorption tower in which a liquid moves in contact with a gas phase in a film form. 

The gas-liquid two-phase flow in the tower can be reversed or co-current. Usually, the countercurrent operation is employed, and the absorption tower is fed from the top to the bottom with the top of the tower, and is in contact with the gas flowing from the bottom to the bottom, and the liquid absorbing the absorbed liquid is discharged from the bottom of the tower, and the purified gas is removed from the top of the tower.

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