PFA Sheet Lined Tank

RANA was the leading manufacturer of anticorrosion equipment. With more than 25 years work experince, we will offer you a better solution for Fluoropolymer lined tanks and vessels.

Product Details

Steel-lined PTFE storage tanks widely used in the chemical, electric power, smelting, pharmaceutical and other fields. In order to avoid collision of the equipment during transportation, RANA recommend the related staff should correctly load and unload the equipment according to the following methods:

        1. During the loading and unloading process, it is necessary to protect the anti-corrosive paint and other plating packages outside the steel-lined PTFE storage tank to prevent the surface of the tank from being corroded;

        2. The two ends of the tank are sealed, to prolong the service life of the tank , the equipment can not be loaded and unloaded by the forklift, so as to avoid the lining layer scraping.

        3. The floor of the storage tank should have a wooden stacking mat, and the stacking mat should be stable;

        4. The storage tank should be placed straight and marked according to the specifications and models;

        5. Before the storage tank is put into working, it is necessary to prevent rainning. The stains on the surface of the storage tank can be wiped clean with cotton and linen.

        Loading and unloading of steel-lined PTFE tanks is a seemingly simple but important task. We should properly load and unload the tanks in accordance with the above methods to extend the service life of the equipment.