Lined Vessels

Lined Vessels

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Equipment   Test Requirement  after Lining PTFE from RANA

PTFE plates must meet the   requirements of ZB433002

The density of PTFE plate should be 2.16g/cm3, and impurities are  not allowed.

The integrity test of PTFE plates.   The voltage should be 15KV,   the probe moves slowly, and the speed is 100mm/s.

Sodium treatment of PTFE sheet

Repairing is allowed when the number   of micropores in the liner is less than 2/m2Otherwise, the part with micropores should be removed

Clean the activated surface dust and   place it in a dust-free, non-polluting location before applying the glue.

The interval between the second   application of glue is 24   hours.

The last glue and welding time is 36 hours.

Before welding, the electrode should   be placed in a special kilogram, and the package is clean and free of   pollution.

A special welding torch is required   for the welding torch.

The appearance of the lining should   be smooth and flat without cracks.

The color of the flange flange and   other corners should be uniform and there is no whitening.

The exposed liner should be packed   before the external corrosion protection