Fluoropolymer Sheet ETFE Lined Tank

Product Details

Steel-lined PTFE storage tanks are often used to store chemical substances extracted from acids, alkalis, alcohols, gases, liquids, etc. In order to make the tanks have good performance, we should keep the tanks insulated. The specific measures are as follows:

        1. Carefully clean the dirt and putty on the outer surface of the steel-lined PTFE storage tank and ensure that the surface is dry;

        2. The insulation layer is hung or embedded on the fixing part from top to bottom and close to the surface of the storage tank tight;

        3. Cross-bundle and tighten with galvanized iron wire to make the insulation layer close to the storage tank;

        4. Arrange the insulation layers in a vertical and horizontal direction.

        When the steel-lined PTFE storage tanks working, we can keep the insulation in accordance with the above methods, and implement on-line anti-corrosion monitoring to increase technical and economic analysis to make anti-corrosion work more detailed and effective.