Fluoropolymer Sheet ECTFE Lined Tank

RANA was the leading manufacturer of anticorrosion equipment. With more than 25 years work experince, we will offer you a better solution for Fluoropolymer lined tanks and vessels.

Product Details

Steel-lined PTFE storage tanks have good corrosion resistance, and their production processes are divided into various types, among which surface modification chemical treatment methods have their own advantages :

       The chemical treatment of fluorine-containing materials mainly involves chemical reaction between the etching solution and the PTFE plastic to remove some of the fluorine atoms on the surface of the steel-lined PTFE storage tank material, thus leaving a carbonized layer and some polarities on the surface. Polar groups such as hydroxyl groups, carbonyl groups and unsaturated bonds are introduced on the surface, which can increase the surface energy of the steel-lined PTFE storage tank, reduce the contact angle, improve the wettability, and change from difficult to sticky. This is a better method and a more common method in all the methods currently studied.