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ETFE Sheet Lined Steel Tank

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Remember the cleaning methods of anticorrosive tanks

The anticorrosive storage tank should be cleaned after using it for a period of time. The cleaning scope includes not only the exterior but also the interior of the storage tank. Since most of the anticorrosive storage tank is corrosive, the cleaning work is dangerous. , So remind everyone to pay attention to the essentials when cleaning the tank.

There are four common cleaning methods for anticorrosive storage tanks:

 dry cleaning, wet cleaning, steam cleaning, and chemical cleaning. 

No matter which cleaning method, the first thing to do is to discharge the contents of the storage tank and vent the gas in the storage tank. Fresh air should be sent in. After measuring the gas concentration to a safe range, personnel should only enter the storage tank for cleaning. When entering the storage tank, they should also wear air respirators and gas masks.