F4 Tank

RANA was the leading manufacturer of anticorrosion equipment. With more than 25 years work experince, we will offer you a better solution for Fluoropolymer lined tanks and vessels.

Product Details

Introduction of steel-lined PTFE reactor:  steel-lined plastic (tortoise lining - steel, net, plastic three-in-one) is the essence of steel-plastic composite products. It is to weld the steel mesh (tortoise shell) to the surface of the steel body, using polyethylene as raw material, and adopting a spin-molding process (rotary molding technology) to integrally form the steel body surface, because the steel mesh (tortoise shell) is integrated with polyethylene and steel. The mesh is welded to the surface of the steel body so that the polyethylene is difficult to separate from the surface of the steel body. Therefore, it is an extremely excellent corrosion-resistant product.  产品说明-tank带邮箱