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The Main Use Of Tetrafluoro-ethane

Jan 09, 2017

R-134a as using most widely of in the low temperature environmental refrigeration agent, due to HFC-134a good of integrated can, makes its became a very effective and security of CFC-12 of alternative products, main should for in using R-12 (R12, and freon 12, and F-12, and CFC-12, and Freon 12, and two chlorine II fluoride methane) refrigeration agent of most field, including: refrigerator, and freezer, and water machine, and car air conditioning, and central air conditioning, and dehumidification machine, and cold storage, and commercial refrigeration, and ice water machine, and Ice cream machines, refrigeration condensing units refrigeration equipment, also can be used for aerosol propellants, insecticides, medical aerosol propellant, polymer (plastic) physical foaming agent, shielding gas and magnesium alloy and so on.

Although R134a refrigeration agent is new refrigeration equipment Shang alternative freon R12 most General of select, but due to R134a and R12 materialized performance, and theory cycle performance and compressor with oil, are not same, so for early loaded for R12 refrigeration agent of refrigeration equipment of sale Hou maintenance, if need again added or replaced refrigeration agent, still only added R12, usually cannot directly to R134a alternative R12 (that is usually not can for shake-up type of replaced).