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Tetrafluoro-ethane Briefly

Jan 09, 2017

R-134a refrigerants, alias R134a, HFC134a, ethylene HFC-134a, PTFE, product name SUVA 134a, Genetron 134a, KLEA 134a, name four fluorine ethylene, 1,1,1,2-tetrafluoroethane English name, chemical name 1,1,1,2--tetrafluoro-ethylene, the molecular formula CH2FCF3. Because of R-134a belonging to the HFC compounds (non-ODS substances Ozone-depleting Substances)-so don't damage the ozone layer, is that most countries in the world recognized and recommended the use of environmentally-friendly refrigerant, is also the prevailing alternative refrigerants and are widely used on new refrigeration air conditioning installation and repair process and then add.