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Spraying Equipment To Improve Spraying Efficiency

Sep 18, 2017

Spraying equipment is an important equipment in coating industry

Spraying equipment is divided into coating before the surface pretreatment equipment, paint equipment, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment film drying and curing equipment, mechanized conveying equipment, dust-free constant temperature and humidity for wind equipment and other ancillary equipment.

Spraying equipment is widely used in all walks of life, for example, spraying equipment can be used for large-scale station steel structure, large-scale road interchange steel pavement, ships, trailers, trains, automobiles, bridges, tunnels, shelves, color tiles, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment building interior and exterior walls, furniture, petrochemical, marine engineering, Aerospace, aviation, steel plant blast furnace inner wall, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment Pipeline interior wall and other industrial products and engineering coating.

The spraying equipment comprises a conveying device comprising a mesh track for carrying a spraying object; The baking chamber is used for heating the spraying object; The spraying chamber is provided with at least one atomizing nozzle inside the spraying chamber, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment and the atomizing nozzle is used for uniformly spraying the coating solution on the surface of the object to be sprayed. The cleaning chamber is used for cleaning the mesh track and recovering the coating solution carried by the mesh crawler; PTFE Spraying Process Equipment and a solution storage device, wherein the solution storage device is used for depositing a coating solution necessary for spraying the spraying chamber, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment in which the mesh track is sequentially passed through the baking Chamber, spraying chamber and cleaning chamber. The equipment of the invention can guarantee the thickness and uniformity of the spraying layer on the magnet. In addition, the equipment can improve spraying efficiency and save raw materials.