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Spraying Equipment Can Be Applied In The Energy Industry

Sep 07, 2017

Here is a description of the role of spraying equipment:

1. Spraying equipment can be used in transportation, such as highway guardrail, bridges, trains and railway facilities in a variety of spraying waterproof materials.

2. Spraying equipment can be applied in the energy industry, such as hydraulic equipment, water tanks, oil refining equipment, and transmission and transformation equipment in the spraying role;

3. Spraying equipment can be used in large-scale industrial enterprises, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment such as papermaking equipment, medical equipment, food equipment, cement plant equipment, spraying work.

Spraying equipment is also called coating equipment. Specific tools for the protection of metal and non-metallic surfaces covering the protective or decorative layer. Spraying equipment can be combined with air, mixed gas spraying application, and the respective advantages of a new spraying method. Between the grounding workpiece and the spray gun plus the DC high pressure, will produce an electrostatic field, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment with negative paint particles sprayed into the workpiece, after the collision evenly deposited on the workpiece surface, those scattered in the vicinity of the paint micro-material is still in the role of electrostatic field, it will be around the workpiece four weeks, This is sprayed on all surfaces of the workpiece. Therefore, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment it is particularly suitable for spraying fences, pipelines, small steel structure, steel pipe products, metal, spectacle frames, jewelry and other geometric shapes of complex, small surface area of the workpiece, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment can be easily and quickly spraying paint to the workpiece in every place, can reduce coating spray, save paint. The coating transfer efficiency is as high as 60-85% and its atomization is very good, the coating thickness is even, which is beneficial to the improvement of product quality. In wood furniture, electrostatic spray gun can also achieve a good electrostatic encircling effect, especially for chairs, coffee table, car wood products and other artifacts.

Measures to improve the efficiency of spraying equipment:

1. Check and protect regularly on the function of outdated or aging equipment screened out, about the past warranty period, repair costs are valuable or the original manufacturers can not repair the electrostatic spraying equipment is a chicken, repair time and cost affect all benefits, need to be replaced, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment some of the workpiece is more difficult to spray, can spare a set of high functional spraying equipment. Need to keep pace with the times, under conditions of consent, with spraying efficiency high, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment paint utilization of electrostatic spraying equipment, reduce the appearance of defective, decline rework, can improve the overall working power.

2, equipped with a good powder recovery system, on the one hand to reduce the rebound of powder on the workshop pollution serious, and then can reduce the waste of powder. From a long time point of view, the addition of powder recovery system is greater than the shielding. To the original use of functional recovery system, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment long time has not been used to recover the effect of the system, the best can be replaced. If the company's production scale expansion, the addition of new stations to improve the production capacity of spraying, recovery system should also keep up.

3, the use of curing furnace, curing furnace is also an important part of the spraying equipment, other local power is high, and curing cannot keep up, also affect the electrostatic power. PTFE Spraying Process Equipment With regard to the backwardness of the heating system or the active control capability, heating method energy consumption is large, low utilization, the cost is too high, the original curing furnace scale is not suitable, can not adapt to the changeable processing of workpieces and other conditions, PTFE Spraying Process Equipment probably improve the curing equipment, progressive production efficiency, must not allow the curing equipment to drag the spraying equipment production efficiency of the hind legs.