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Profile Of Anti-corrosion Pipeline

Jan 09, 2017

Description of corrosion pipeline corrosion phenomena can be understood as material in a chemical reaction that occur in their environment, which will cause the loss of material and lead to pipeline components, and even failure of the entire pipeline system. In the pipeline system, corrosion is defined as: pipeline environment based on specific, in the pipeline system of all metal and non-metal materials chemical, electro-chemical reaction and microbial corrosion, which can lead to pipeline damage and loss of structures and other materials. In addition to the direct damage of corrosion effects on materials, pipeline damage caused by corrosion products can be considered as corrosion damage. Pipeline corrosion will spread, how big is the spread depends primarily on the corrosive erosion and corrosion resistance of existing material. Temperature and corrosive media concentration and stress can affect the degree of pipeline corrosion.