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Products Use Of Antiseptic Tanks

Jan 09, 2017

Mixing antiseptic tanks use: using glass fiber reinforced plastic manufacture of mixing tanks [1] can be used for mixing all kinds of solid liquid, compared with other types of mixing tanks, with a strong acid, preservative, plus glass mixing tank with a strong life, maintenance, easy to clean, attracted many of the waste disposal industry, food industry and other customers buy, win the market at home.

Storage tank anti-corrosion tank uses: used FRP manufacturing of storage tank, can for store, and transport liquid, gaseous, need sealed sex strong of products, life in the, we often using of is metal series of storage tank, as long as for General needs of masses in the, for big enterprise production for, need of is a can life cycle long, has anti-corrosion, acid alkali, high strength of storage tank, since FRP storage tank of birth on for the big enterprise solution has this aspects of problem.