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Cathodic Protection And Temporary Protection

Jan 09, 2017

Due to pipeline construction cycle is long, General requirements, if the soil resistivity less than 20Q. M, magnesium anodes of the installation of temporary protection, and tests of piles and pipe connections. And when after using impressed current cathodic protection and dismantling of temporary protection.

Open circuit potential of the magnesium anode is generally higher than-l. 55v CSE more negative, because of general control of impressed current potential 1.55V CSE (being a 155v)-so, magnesium anodes for cathodic protection are not adversely affected. Conversely, if the AC current interference with pipe, magnesium-anode discharge ground role. But it's worth noting is, though magnesium anode consumption rate may slow because of the existence of impressed current cathodic protection, but also consumed over a long period, at that time, only steel and pipe connections, pipe leakage point. So, typically required in impressed current cathodic protection of investment after the demolition of temporary shade. Provisional yin will also power potential of the pipeline in the future more difficult.