Movable ISO Tank SUS304 Steel Tank Lined ECTFE Sheet

Anticorrosion Equipment—ISO TANK Size: 20M3 Housing Material: SUS 304/Carbon Steel Lining Material: PTFE,NEW-PTFE,ETFE,PFA,PVDF Process: Board Lining/Tight lining

Product Details

Jiangsu Ruineng Anticorrosion Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer specializing in the production of chemical anticorrosive equipment, environmental protection equipment, various non-standard equipment, mixing equipment and pipelines. The main products are: steel-lined PTFE vessels, steel-lined PTFE storage tanks, reactor lined with PTFE, steel-lined PTFE pipes, PTFE heat exchangers, High pure tetrafluoroethylene lining equipment, Mixing paddles and so on.