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Vacuum electroplating equipment parts features

Jan 09, 2017

Vacuum electroplating equipment utilization rate is now higher, over time from a single starting function of vacuum plating to multi-functional combined vacuum plating, which is becoming more and more perfect. Today we are going to introduce you to vacuum plating is the main part of what?

Vacuum electroplating equipment, vacuum chamber with stainless steel or carbon steel using a combination of production, vacuum plating devices into single door or the door.

Vacuum plating equipment can through using resistance heating, if resistance to heating, vacuum plating equipment by using of material including graphite, and tungsten, and tantalum, and MO, and nickel chrome,, vacuum plating equipment heating Hou to for insulation, vacuum plating equipment set has insulation layer on can improve heating of efficiency, so as not to vacuum plating equipment of heat fast lost, General has metal insulation layer and composite insulation layer two species form.

For better tests, measuring temperature, vacuum plating equipment using temperature-measuring apparatus and temperature control instrument, avoid high temperatures or substandard vacuum electroplating equipment, exhaust systems assembled by various vacuum pumps and accessories according to their respective functions.