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Scope of application of vacuum coating equipment

Jan 09, 2017

1. Architectural hardware: hardware (such as water). The door lock. Door handle. Bathroom hardware, locks, hinges, furniture and other

2. Watchmaking: can be used for casing. Strap coating, Crystal products

3. Other hardware: hardware leather. Stainless steel tableware. Spectacle frames, tool, mold, etc.

4. Large workpieces: car wheels, stainless steel plate. Signs. Sculpture

5, stainless steel tubes and plates (all types)

6, appliances, furniture, lighting, hotel

7, locks, handles, bathroom hardware, Golf Club heads, stainless steel hardware products such as tableware, blood coated super hard decorative film.

8, watches, watch straps, glasses, jewelry, decorations, such as wear-resistant decorative plating (gold and silver) nano-film and nano-film and nano-multilayer film.