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Leakage maintenance of vacuum plating equipment

Jan 09, 2017

Vacuum electroplating equipment leakage problem how do we repair it? Vacuum electroplating equipment leaks equipment itself is a great deal of impact, so we have to timely repair and maintenance.

1, good sealing performance of vacuum chamber gases to be tested to ensure air tightness can meet the requirements.

2, and then check the vacuum membrane leak size, shape, and the air leakage rate, analyze solutions and implementation.

3, in order to confirm the leak is a leak or a virtual vacuum plating leakage, because after the workpiece heating will produce certain gases, in varying degrees, sometimes mistaken as the gas flow from the outside into, this is a virtual leak, we want to exclude this case.

4, determine the smallest leak rate and leakage testing instrument sensitivity, with a maximum range of leak is detected, avoid some of the leak is ignored, improve the accuracy of leak detection.

5, also to avoid vacuum plating the plugging of the leak, sometimes because of mistakes, vacuum plating leakage testing, there will be some dust or liquid to leak to plug, thought at that location does not leak, but when these obstructions due to internal and external pressure differences improve or make drain holes are not blocked, but there is a leak.