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Coating equipment for using the program

Jan 09, 2017

Operations, electrical control cabinet

1. start pump, the gas source

2. main power supply

3. maintaining power pumps, vacuum gauge, vacuum gauge V1 position and wait whose value is less than 10, then enter the next operation. Takes about 5 minutes.

4. opening a mechanical pump, to pump, open a Turbo-molecular pump power, start, vacuum gauge switches to the V2 position, drew less than 2 so far, about 20 minutes.

5. observation of Turbo-molecular pump readings reached 250, close to smoke opened front and high valves continue to vacuum, vacuum the vacuum reaches a certain level in order to open the right headers, observation of vacuum. Vacuum to open after reaching the 2x10-3 power supply for electron gun.

Two actions, DEF-6B power supply for electron gun cabinets

1. main power supply

2. open gun control and gun control ⅰ ⅱ power supply: gun control I power, delay switches, delay, power supply and the protection light is on, after the three-minute delay and protect the lamp, if the back door is not secured or the flow relay is faulty, protection light is on.

3. open the high pressure, high voltage up to 10KV above, adjust the beam can be around 200mA, shutter gate for 20V/100mA, filament current 1.2A, deflection current swing between 1~1.7.

Third, the shutdown sequence

1. close the vacuum head, turn off the pump.

2. Molecular pumps show 50 o'clock, in turn, close the valve, high level, before a mechanical pump, which takes about 40 minutes for the period.

3. to below 50, relating to the maintenance of the pump.