Steel Lining ETFE Anticorrosion Ball Valve

Steel Lined PFA Ball Valve

Product Details

Steel-lined PTFE pipes are often used in anti-corrosion and chemical industrial pipelines. It is a new type of pipeline material developed in recent years. It is based on seamless steel pipes, welded steel pipes, galvanized steel pipes, and compounded with various types of fluorine plastics. RANA found that steel-lined PTFE pipes are more popular in anticorrosive equipment,especially in the chemical industry.

Steel lining ETFE Anticorrosion Ball Valve


*** According to the anti-corrosion requirements, after our RANA strict anti-corrosion material selection, production process control, factory inspection, etc., the general anti-corrosion service life can reach 10 years.

*** With our nearly 30 years of anti-corrosion experience, RANA has made detailed anti-corrosion solutions for special and demanding anti-corrosion requirements.