Steel Lined PTFE/F4 Anticorrosive Equipment Factory

Tight lining process pipe, commonly known as pipes with extruded process, refers to PTFE pipe diameter slightly larger than the steel pipe diameter, Lining through the mechanical traction method. Loose lining process pipes refers to the outer diameter of the PTFE pipe is slightly smaller than...

Product Details

How to test whether steel-lined PTFE pipes are qualified?

1.The pipes and pipe fittings are subjected to hydraulic pressure test at 1.5 times the design pressure.

2. After the hydrostatic test of the inner PTFE lining layer, the integrity test is performed 100%, and carry out the pinhole test.

3. Operating range

a. temperature -20 ~ 200

b. pressure 2.5Mpa

c. Allow negative pressure DN250mm is -0.09Mpa, DN> 250mm is -0.08Mpa

d. It can transport strong acids, strong bases, organic solvents, strong oxidants, toxic, volatile and flammable chemical media at any concentration.