Steel Lined Pfa Straight Pipe

Steel Lined PFA Straight Pipe

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Steel Lined PFA Straight Pipe


The steel-lined PTFE pipe has both the mechanical properties of the steel pipe and the high corrosion resistance of the fluoroplastic. The corrosion resistance of the pipe is good. Next, RANA will give you a brief introduction!

        The steel-lined PTFE tube can resist the melting of lithium metal, potassium, sodium, chlorine trifluoride, high-temperature trifluorogen and high-flow liquid fluorine, and can resist almost all of the chemical medium including concentrated nitric acid and aqua regia. The pipe can operate in the temperature range of 230-250 °C. Although the pipe has good corrosion resistance to strong oxidants, boiling acids, alkalis and various organic solvents, it is not resistant to fuming sulfuric acid, concentrated hot sulfuric acid and nitric acid, ketones, esters, amines above 90 °C and high temperature sulfonation.

        Steel-lined PTFE pipes are ideal pipes for transporting strong acids, strong alkalis, salts and highly corrosive gases due to their corrosion resistance.