Steel Lined PFA Ball Valve

Steel Lined PFA Ball Valve

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Steel Lined PFA Ball Valve


Although the steel-lined PTFE pipe has good chemical stability, high temperature adaptability and chemical resistance, it is difficult to be bonded, which greatly limits its application range. From the analysis of its physical properties, the physical reasons that make it difficult to bond mainly include the following aspects:

        1. The larger the contact angle of the steel-lined PTFE pipe, the smaller the degree of wetting, the worse the wettability, and the less the adhesive adheres well to the pipe;

        2. The non-polar surface of the pipeline does not have the conditions for forming the orientation force and the inducing force, and the formed dispersion force is weak, and the adhesion performance is poor;

        3. The solubility parameter of the pipeline has a small SP value and is difficult to adhere to other substances;

        4. The swelling and dissolution of the pipeline is more difficult than the non-crystalline polymer. When the adhesive is applied to the surface of the pipeline, the polymer molecular chain is not easily diffused and entangled, and strong adhesion cannot be formed.

        It can be seen from the above that to solve the problem that the steel-lined PTFE pipe is difficult to bond, it is generally necessary to start from surface modification to improve its bonding performance and develop a new adhesive.