Factory Directly Supply Hot Sale Stainless Steel Lined PTFE/PFA Pipe Equal Tee

Pipe Equal tee

Product Details

Steel lining PTFE Tee Application:

Chemical industry: process tubes and discharge pipes for the transportation of corrosive gases, liquids and solid powders in the industries of acid, alkali and salt, fertilizers, pesticides, chemicals, rubber and plastics.

Power engineering: process water return water transport, water, waste slag, fly ash transport.

Smelting industry: the transportation of corrosive media in metal smelting.

Mining industry: mineral powder, slurry, slag, tailings discharge, backfilling, ventilation, gas drainage and spray spraying.

Pharmaceutical industry: transporting various corrosive media, sewage and wastewater.

Oilfield gas fields: oily sewage, gas field sewage, oil and gas mixture, oil recovery and gathering process pipeline.

Agricultural sprinkler irrigation: deep well pipes, filter pipes, culvert pipes, drain pipes, irrigation water pipes.

Municipal industry: urban building water supply, drinking water, fire water, hot network backwater, gas, natural gas transportation, highway buried drainage and green belt Watering the channels.